An Ideal Husband,
June 14-30, 2019

by Oscar Wilde.

Auditions will be held March 25-26 in the Mesquite Arts Center Black Box Theatre. Doors open at 6:40. Auditions will run 7-9pm. Come either day, no appointment needed. Be prepared to stay the entire time. No callbacks.

An Ideal Husband

Auditions will be cold readings from script. All ages, abilities, and ethnicities welcome. There will be a rehearsal schedule at the audition, please bring and note your conflicts on your audition form.

Bring your current HEADSHOT and RESUME. If you DO NOT have a headshot and/or resume, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! COME AND AUDITION!

This production will run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, June 14-30, 2019. Rehearsals will begin April 29th. On April 1st from 7-9.30 is a read-thru where you will get the edits for this production. Rehearsals begin April 29, actors are expected to come to first rehearsal memorized or close to it..

Character Sketches

Mrs. Marchmont and Mrs. Basildon: 20s-50s chatty society women.

Lord Caversham: 50s on up, distinguished, set in his ways, but with a twinkle in his eye.

Lady Chiltern: 20s-30s LEAD high-minded woman who expects perfection.

Mabel Chiltern: teens-20’s comedic, smart, high-spirited.

Lady Markby: 40s on up, easy-going, funny society woman.

Sir Robert Chiltern: 30s - 40s LEAD sophisticated man of business who has secrets.

Mrs. Cheveley: 20s-40s LEAD the femme fatale, smart and dangerous.

Lord Goring: 20s-30s LEAD dashing, witty, hides his intelligence, and a good friend.

Man #1: 20s-60s playing 3 roles: Vicomte De Nanjac (French accent required), Harold and James – a diplomat, and two very different servants .

Man #2: 20’s-60s playing 2 roles: Mason and Phipps - both butlers, both completely different.